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Our mission is to ensure that no dog owner and their best friend ever get barred from a business. Rather than experience the embarrassment and frustration of being told your dog is not allowed in an establishment, you can look it up before you visit it. And we didn’t just take Google’s word for it, we called every single business listed here. And if they weren’t dog-friendly, they were out!

Then I thought of networking: there’s no need to compete against dog-related businesses when we can all work together and help each other out. So we began advertising and reviewing cafés, pubs, groomers and events where dogs were welcome and any special offers available.

The merchandise idea came after and the goal is to have items made available to the dog community that will be useful, not sit quietly in the back of the cupboard. Be they water bottles, collar tags, t-shirts, greeting cards or artwork, they will be fun but they should also serve a purpose. Let’s say no to tat!


Bars & Pubs




Bars & Pubs




Expand your reach and community engagement.

Diversify your customer base.

Bring something new to your project.

Be at the forefront of your cultural change.


To allow our four-legged companion to enter the premises.

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