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July’s DogBlog

Naomi Dunleavy Dog trainer/behaviourist Don’t touch my dog! This can be a very touchy subject (pun intended!) that many of us just aren’t sure how to manage. When asked if someone can stroke our dog our automatic response is to say yes, because we are polite and we...

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June’s DogBlog

This month, my first ever dog (Oscar) celebrates his 8th birthday. I'd always wanted a dog since I was a little child but my parents had always maintained that you couldn't have dogs in apartments, only in houses. So I waited until I was a grown man to have my very...

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May’s DogBlog

Tel Aviv called. And I answered! Eurovision is one of my favourite celebrations of the year - the meeting of countries, cultures and languages enhanced by the worlds of music, fashion and social media. For years I attended parties in London where everyone was...

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April’s DogBlog

  What an exciting month it's been! Not only have we seen 34 new members join our Facebook page and a 40% increase in posts from last month, but also a 51% increase in comments and reactions from your fellow page members to your posts. Added to this, the release...

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March’s DogBlog

  Here we are at the start of Spring 2019 and last year’s stocks are nearly depleted. To ensure that no items remain for the new fiscal year, we will be offering some great discounts on old items and launching brand new ones! Some of the feedback we’ve had at...

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February’s DogBlog

  Following feedback from many dog owners who've ventured into Central London with their beloved pooches and struggled to find dog-friendly places, I felt compelled to recommend a few businesses where you'll feel welcome with your 4-legged loved ones. So starting...

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January’s DogBlog

  First of all, apologies for the delay in publishing the January DogBlog! The queues for this month's issue were longer than the ones outside Apple Stores when they launch a new device... But I'm in the Seychelles and my Web Guy was in the sticks with no...

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December’s DogBlog

As in the last few years, the month of December was filled with thousands of miles driven by the Teixeira-Dykes family to ensure that our dogs spent Christmas with us. Every year we make our way to Folkestone where we board a train to Calais, shut the engine down and...

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November’s DogBlog

Welcome to our second DogBlog! Two months after the launch of this website, we've gone from 292 to 371 members on our Facebook page!!! A huge thanks to all of those who have posted, liked, commented and added others. You're responsible for the rapid growth of this...

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October’s DogBlog

Exactly a month ago, www.letmydogin.co.uk was officially launched! It was met with very positive feedback by the community of dog owners and lovers, as well as scores of my social media friends. In the last 4 weeks, 41 new businesses have been added to our...

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